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  1. xInstict

    HyperiaMC | Media Application Format

    HyperiaMC | Media Application Format What is Media? Media is a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer who records or streams on servers. Format IGN: YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel: How many subscribers/followers do you have?: Proof of ownership?: Do you meet the requirements?:
  2. xInstict

    LeStylez's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums @LeStylez, Nice to meet you!
  3. xInstict

    Information Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

    HyperiaMC | Allowed & Disallowed Modifications Allowed Modifications Forge Schematica / Printer LabyMod Cosmic / Badlion / Lunar Clients 5zig Mod Armour HUD / Potion HUD / Status Effect Coordinates Mod Keystrokes / CPS / FPS Mods Chunk Borders WorldDownloader Toggle Sneak / Toggle Sprint...